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Human resources consultant
Operating duty:
1. Responsible for the communication between the project manager and the customer and the research and analysis of the project;
2. Responsible for the implementation and regulation of the project, the training, reporting and summary of the project;
3, according to the problems encountered by the customer in the HR management practice, formulate solutions, and form a knowledge system and method;
4, the project results report will be presided over, and the design ideas and work results are clearly conveyed to the customers.
1. Master's and above education in human resource management, psychology or related management;
2. More than 1 years of experience in human resource related work or management consulting experience is preferred;
3. Familiar with the job analysis and design, the construction of performance management system, the design of the salary system and the use of relevant tools for the human resources module;
4, there is a strong spirit of dedication, work responsibility, innovative ability, positive and enterprising,
5, fluent oral expression and written expression ability;
6. can adapt to irregular work and long business trip.

project manager
job responsibilities:
1, according to project needs, we should engage in management consulting projects such as strategy, human resources, business operation, brand marketing, financial investment, real estate development and government consultation, etc.,
. 2. Interviewing and communicating with the top management of the customers, analyzing the customer's consulting needs and writing project proposals;
3. Overall management of project team members and project operation and project financial overall situation to ensure the smooth operation of the project;
4, responsible for the implementation and implementation of the project, organization and coordination of available resources, to ensure that the project is completed in the prescribed time and budget and approved by the customer;
5, carry out continuous knowledge innovation in the field of enterprise management and consulting.
1. Master of management or science, MBA and above;
2. More than three years of management consulting experience (at least two project managers), or five or more years of senior management experience in large and medium-sized enterprises;
3. It has excellent ability of continuous learning, team cooperation, interpersonal communication and customer service;
4, skilled use of Office, SPSS and other office software, especially good at PPT production and presentation;
5. Good English reading ability and basic English oral and writing skills.

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